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Mediation Services

Patricia C. Bobb is a court-certified mediator for Cook County’s Law Division Mediation Program. She is a highly trained and experienced mediator who has engaged in a wide variety of mediations during the course of her professional career, primarily in the fields of medical malpractice and other major civil cases.

Settlement through mediation has many benefits over complex litigation. Litigants can reduce the costs, avoid expenses, have a definite outcome, devote less time, rescue a relationship with another party and avoid adverse publicity. Because the process is confidential, parties can present their cases to a mediator who can caucus privately with each party, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of their cases. Such insights often help mediators understand the parties’ common ground and motivations in a way that might be difficult or impossible in a more adversarial setting.

Full or partial agreements occur frequently during mediations, and sometimes they lead to settlements even when no agreement can be reached immediately.

To learn more about the process of mediation and whether Patti might be the professional to help you resolve a dispute through mediation, please contact Patricia C. Bobb & Associates.